With increasing pressure to reduce overall costs, minimise errors and prevent costly repairs, how can you ensure every commercial contract is delivered on-time and on-budget without compromising on quality or taking risks on long-term performance?

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Tectite Sprint

Slimline, non demountable Copper Metal Push-Fit. Electrical continuity, 16 bar performance and soon to be available in sizes up to 54mm.

Tectite 316

Manufactured from Stainless Steel and offering all the features of Tectite Pro , 316 offers a Metal Push-Fit solution for applications where water hygeine is the upmost concern

Tectite Valves

From servicing valves through to high spec TMV 2/3, Tectite boasts a Push-Fit commercial valve portfolio like no one else

Tectite Carbon

The perfect solution for sealed heating systems where budget and efficient installation are primary drivers. Electrical continuity, tamper proof design and available up to 54mm.

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