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Q1. With which pipe materials are Tectite fittings compatible?

Tectite fittings can be used on a variety of pipe materials, please see table below

  Plastic Pipe Metal Pipe
Range PEX PB Copper Carbon Steel Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel      
316     tick

Q2. Are Tectite fittings demountable?

Both Tectite Classic and Tectite Pro fittings are demountable allowing for alterations to be made and problems to be easily remedied. However, Sprint, Carbon and 316 are designed to be tamper proof, once fitted these fittings make theft as well as accidental and intentional system damage far more difficult. A necessary feature in some applications

Q3. What testing pressures can the system be exposed to?

When testing a system with air or nitrogen the system can be tested up to 1.5 times the working pressure.

Q4. O Ring Compatibility Chart

It is important to check compatibility between the O Ring and the fluid in the system. The table below is a guide for the Contractor, Installer and Specifier, and shows the compatibility of the O Ring material with common fluid types and some gases.

EPDM - Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer - This is the standard, BLACK O Ring that is used in the Tectite ranges

Ring Compatability Tables

Minimum/Maximum temperature

Designation Black
Maximum service temperature °C 180
Low service temperature °C - 50

Water/Steam Resistance

Fluids Resistance






Oils and Fuels



Key to Media Table
Excellent – Recommended
Good – Minor to Moderate effects
Fair – Moderate to severe effects
Poor – Not recommended
~ Insufficient data available
* Conditions Apply Temperature or other limitation affecting polymer choice

These tables refer to room temperature tests. For other conditions and additional media advices please refer to Pegler Yorkshire for advice.

Q5. Do Tectite fittings offer electrical continuity?

The Tectite Sprint, Pro, Carbon and 316 all provide electrical continuity when installed with metal pipe work. This helps installers meet their obligations under equipotential bonding regulations EN60335-1:1994/A16:2001

Q6. Can Tectite fittings be used on Oil, Gas or Solar?

No, the Tectite range is not recommended for use on Gas, Oil or Solar fittings

Q7. Is Tectite Suitable for Marine or Agricultural Use?

No, due to the chemicals to which systems can be exposed Tectite is not advised for use in these applications

Q8. Can Tectite fittings be applied straight onto a Domestic Boiler?

Yes, unlike plastic fittings Tectite fittings perform to 10 bar and 95 degrees and can be attached to some boilers. (Always check the boiler technical data before installation)

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