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Product brochures

Tectite Carbon(PDF)

A carbon steel, tamper-proof metal push-fit system designed for use on domestic and commercial sealed systems

Tectite Consultant(PDF)

Tectite Contractor(PDF)

Tectite Push Fit Solutions(PDF)

All the technical information you need across our complete range of metal push-fit products

Tectite Sprint(PDF)

Accelerated metal push-fit technology for jointing where time really matters

Tectite Installer(PDF)

Tectite Specifier(PDF)

Tectite Databook A6(PDF)

Tectite in Social Housing(PDF)

A metal push-fit solution for social housing projects

Tectite Chrome(PDF)

Tectite Domestic Plumbing (PDF)

Tectite Flexible Metal (PDF)

Tectite Thermostatic Mixing Valve (PDF)

Tectite TX300 (PDF)

Price Lists


The latest product prices for our complete metal push-fit range

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