The Tectite Lab

In the Tectite Lab, you’ll find proof of Tectite’s tried and tested credentials over many years of successful installation.

Pressure Test

The pressure test ultimately determines the strength of the joint in resisting internal pressure. This ensures the components exceed all relevant standards of safety.

The Tectite range, by virtue of its superior quality and metal components, performs at a far higher level than the plastic push-fit alternatives in the market place. The video (below/left) shows just how well the 15mm Tectite Classic Coupler performs. The pressure levied reaches in excess of 95 bar, far outstripping a similar plastic fitting.

A John Guest 15mm coupler and copper pipe was utilised to demonstrate this (below/right). The length containing the joint began to move once pressurised up to 45 bar. At 55bar the fitting surrendered. The grabbing mechanism within the fitting failed allowing the pipe to slip and the seal to break.

Pull Test

Designed to determine the ultimate tensile strength of the joint from external forces, this tests all components used within the fitting. Once again the fitting is tested to determine whether it reaches or exceeds the required standards.

The video shows the 15mm Tectite Classic Coupler reaching a force of over 2400 N. That’s over 200kg – roughly equating to 3 average men. A John Guest 15mm coupler in the second video was pulled with a force of 1300 N before failing – over 1000 N less than the Tectite fitting.

Car Lift

If the 2400 N that the 15mm coupler withstands is impressive, the feat performed by the 54mm Tectite Pro range is bordering on miraculous. This video demonstrates a car weighing almost 1.5 tons being hoisted. The Tectite Pro coupler directly bears all of that weight with no tricks, edits or additional pipe preparation, purely market leading performance …just what you should expect from Tectite.

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