Tectite Flexible Metal System

The brand new and completely unique Tectite Metal Push-fit System, offers the UK installer the next evolution in domestic plumbing. We believe in the efficiency and swift installation offered by a flexible plumbing solution, combined with the performance and reliability offered by the traditional metal systems Pegler Yorkshire is renowned for.

  • 16 bar 30 °C - 6 bar 95 °C Performance
  • 8 x less expansion than plastic
  • Bend radius half that of plastic
  • Connect Tectite Tube direct to the boiler* and all the way through to Tectite ended TRV’s, tap connectors and much more besides
  • Tectite Tube offers installers the flexible installation of plastic with none of the compromise, suitable for use on central heating and potable water
  • The Tectite Classic fitting provides the performance and reliability only metal can, an array of features ensure you leave the job today knowing it won’t cause you problems tomorrow
  • From tees to tap connectors, the Tectite Classic range includes all of the fittings you need to install a high quality domestic system

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Tectite Tube

Tube is manufactured with an integrated layer of Aluminium offering unrivalled performance and a truly efficient installation. The metal element of the construction enables the pipe to retain the shape you mould it to, whether a 90º bend or a tight offset, Tectite Tube offers exceptional installation benefits.

Tectseal™ 3PS

The Tectseal 3 piece sleeve is pivotal to the system performance and is required in every tube end. The liner is manufactured from incredibly stiff and strong Fortron PPS which even enables direct connection to boilers, the patented directional EPDM seals provide a water tight seal within the tube as well as the fitting.

Tectite Classic

The Tectite Classic fitting offers all the performance of metal, with the installation benefits of push-fit. Combine with Tectite tube to provide the ultimate domestic system.

Tectite Valves

Complete your flexible Metal Push-Fit system with a range of high quality valves drawn from over 100 years of Pegler Yorkshires experience. The range includes unique ball valves, TMV’s and Tectite ended TRV’s. The full system solution from the, Metal Push-Fit manufacturer.

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